February ’14 KDfitter of the Month

Introducing February’s KDfitter of the month Pam Hammond!!!
Pam has been personal training with KDfit for approximately two years. She is the oldest KDfitter, 75 (can you believe it?) and one of the strongest! That beautiful saying “age is just a number” definitely applies to this bad *ss chic! Pam has not allowed setbacks (serious knee and back injuries), to slow down her progression and strength gain. She can do regular, unmodified push ups!!! Also, her core is so strong she can hold the advanced TRX plank for a full minute! If you are unsure what this is, take a regular plank and multiply the difficulty by at least 3! Pam is an inspiration to us all!!! I am so thankful for her! Keep it up woman! So much love!!!

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