About Owner/Trainer
Kristin Doherty

Being an athlete her whole life, Kristin has a 360° understanding of the body and what it takes to bring it to it’s fullest potential. Kristin started KDfit in 2011 to help others get into the best shape of their lives. KDfit provides full body workouts using functional training, plyometrics, resistance and flexibility exercises.

Kristin’s approach to training is to create an experience which is tailored to the needs of each person, making it fun, challenging and effective. Her belief is that fitness can be a part of anyone’s everyday routine and fit into their lifestyle at any stage of life.

Kristin is National Council of Strength and Fitness (NCSF) Certified and holds multiple certifications in TRX Training.

You’ll often hear her exuberantly cheering her exercisers on, yelling “Champion!” and “Killing it!” Kristin truly cares for and supports every KDfitter.

Training Locations

KDfit training is available throughout Los Angeles in Hollywood and the Westside.