Sweet Cauliflower Mash

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1 head of cauliflower
1 large sweet potato, peeled and cut
salt and pepper
Turn a large pot of water on to boil.
Peel and cut the sweet potato into 4 equal pieces.
Boil the cauliflower and sweet potato together until very soft. Approx 25-35 mins.
Remove from heat and drain the liquid.
Return vegetables to a pot and mash adding salt and pepper for taste.

December ’14 KDfitter of the month

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Introducing December’s KDfitter of the month Jennifer Tsao! Jenn has attended KDfit’s Century City boot camp for over two years. Since she got pregnant in May (yay!) she has only missed four classes! Jenn’s high rate of attendance has kept her on top of her fitness goals and I have to say is very impressive! 🙂 In addition to boot camp, Jenn goes to prenatal yoga and swims once a week. She also is a badass lawyer and super cool human being. I am so proud of Jenn and her dedication to health, strength and the future. Can’t wait to meet that beautiful fit baby. SO much love. xoxox

October ’14 KDfitter of the Month

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Presenting October’s KDfitter of the month Samira Estilai Mathieu! Samira has been training with KDfit CONSISTENTLY for three years. Throughout that time Samira’s hard work ethic has allowed her to dedicate herself to both her job and her fitness. Although she has worked over sixty hours in one week, (I should say many weeks!) she always finds the time to train and continues to make progress in her overall strength and body awareness. Samira’s understanding of the importance of exercise and her commitment is something we can all admire!

Way to go woman! You are a total champion! xo

June ’14 KDfitter of the Month

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Introducing June’s KDfitter of the month Roxanne Zazzaro.
Roxanne has been personal training with KDfit for a little under a year and a half. Over that time she has lost a total of 14 lbs. Last September, Roxanne lost 7 lbs in just one month!!! (And has kept it off since!) Through conscious eating, consistent TRX training and cardio based exercise, Roxanne has maintained a weight that enables her to feel comfortable and strong in her body. Not to mention, a continued reduction in dress size!
This woman is an inspiration in her dedication and consistency and I look forward to what the future holds! Great job Roxanne!!! Keep it up!!! xoxox

April ’14 KDfitter of the Month

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Presenting the KDfitter(s) of the month Luke and Erin Tozour! This dynamic married duo have been attending boot camp and personal training with KDfit for over two years. Their dedication to fitness has brought them to dramatically increase their core strength and overall knowledge of exercise. This will be useful as they embark on a year long trip around the world starting in Novia Scotia next week! I am happy that they are in the best shape of their lives and so proud of their progress, but I am sad they are leaving! Bon voyage my wonderful friends! Keep pushing wherever you may go! Love you!

February ’14 KDfitter of the Month

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Introducing February’s KDfitter of the month Pam Hammond!!!
Pam has been personal training with KDfit for approximately two years. She is the oldest KDfitter, 75 (can you believe it?) and one of the strongest! That beautiful saying “age is just a number” definitely applies to this bad *ss chic! Pam has not allowed setbacks (serious knee and back injuries), to slow down her progression and strength gain. She can do regular, unmodified push ups!!! Also, her core is so strong she can hold the advanced TRX plank for a full minute! If you are unsure what this is, take a regular plank and multiply the difficulty by at least 3! Pam is an inspiration to us all!!! I am so thankful for her! Keep it up woman! So much love!!!