She is very supportive, really positive and has changed my workouts / exercise routine immensely! Anyone would be lucky to have her as their trainer!

– Olivia D.

“As someone with a long-standing interest in fitness and a good amount of personal motivation, I’ve tried a lot of different workout alternatives – cardio-kickboxing, distance running, strength training – the list goes on and on. I’ve even had a couple gym memberships and hired a personal trainer. I’ve never seen the results in my body that I’ve seen since I’ve started working with Kristin. I’m stronger, faster and more athletic. Working with Kristin has given me a lot of confidence and personal satisfaction. Her workouts push me, each and every time – I always feel them working! I’m not a morning person, but waking up to a KDfit workout is my favorite way to start the day. I’ve already recommended Kristin to all of my family and friends!”

– Sarah D.

“KDfit is trans formative fitness at it’s best.

For a challenging, core stimulating work out that tightens, tones and seriously strengthens your body…not to mention elevates your spirit, Kristin is your girl. Inspirational and motivational, she will be your number one fan and biggest cheerleader while she kicks your butt, literally, and consequently lifts it to new heights! Amazing.

The rapid pace from movement to movement requires extreme focus, making the work outs a zen like experience.”

– Elana S.

KDfit has changed my life. Kristin’s bootcamp is the most positive and rewarding fitness class available. You will see results beyond what you thought you can accomplish. Her positive energy is infectious, it encourages you to push yourself and you have such a sense of accomplishment when you go above and beyond anything you ever thought was possible. I have lost 23lbs in two sessions with Kristin and still shedding off weight every week! She helped jump start my weight-loss, raise my confidence and motivated me to live a healthier, more active lifestyle. There aren’t enough ways to show my adulation to Kristin and KDfit. I can only recommend you to come to her class, experience her love of fitness and see her appreciation of anyone who wants to change themselves for the better.

– Jordan D.

If you need motivation, want to get fit and healthy, train with Kristin.

– Mikaela W.

Training with KDfit changed my life and continues to do so! As someone who is active, I had always enjoyed being physical but I did not appreciate what it does for me. I had taken my current health for advantage. Kristin showed me what I could do for myself by being aware of my fitness. Her weekly classes showed me the importance of routine. Through the routine I was able to see the direct benefit of my actions. I wake up clear-headed after working out the day before. I no longer need afternoon naps. Not only do I physically feel more in touch and stronger but the same can be said for my mental health. Kristin has proven to me that it’s all connected and I am in for the long run. Bottom line: I am a better person to others and myself all because of KDfit. Thanks Kristin!

-Adam J

It’s been eight months since I started working out with Kristin Doherty and I have no plans on ever stopping. After I recently had two children within a year of each other, I thought I’d never feel fit again. But now I can do things I couldn’t do before, even in my pre-baby days when I was running 5 miles a day! She is amazing; I feel supported and challenged in every session. The training skills she’s taught me can be done anywhere and at anytime. And most importantly, she makes it FUN! -Rebecca M.

I have been training with Kristin for 2 years now and she can’t be more fantastic! As someone who still plays competitive team sports as well as runs distance races, I am pretty strong but Kristin has helped me to get stronger. I broke/tore a series of things in my left leg in HS but training on the TRX with Kristin has been the best. She’s good at setting up modifications if I’m in pain and is helping me with many of my problem areas. Plus, she’s got so much spunk that it makes getting up at 5:45am a breeze!

-Elizabeth B.

Kristin is AMAZING!!!!! Her bootcamps and TRX training sessions are absolutely awesome!!! Her knowledge, energy, enthusiasm and support while she ‘kicks your ass’ is phenomenal! Her workouts are tough but her always smiling face and encouraging words make it so much easier to get through it and you see results fast! Losing muscle tone was something i’d just attributed to being 42…until i started working out with Kristin. In less than 6 months she’s taken my body back 10 years and I’m feeling fitter and stronger than ever! She’s an incredible personal trainer and i’m so grateful for her help!!!
Thank you Kristin!!!!


Only Kristin could make working out at 6:30AM fun!

– Emily S.

I have been training with KDfit for 2 years now and my life and health is significantly better than ever before. I was hesitant to start training because I didn’t think I was fit enough to handle it but you gotta start sometime and I am so glad I did!
After just a few training sessions I was already feeling a difference. Since then, I have gone to countless personal sessions as well as group sessions which are a whole lot of fun.
Thanks to Kristin and KDfit, I have more energy and find myself in great shape physically and mentally. It just feels good to do and Kristin could not be more supportive and knowledgeable. She just knows what is best for me.

Thanks KDfit for everything! See ya on Monday!

-Martin P.